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Born and raised in Québec city, Caroline Liard graduated in Fashion Design at Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy. A couple months later, she leaves the city to embark on a journey across Europe. A few months upon her return, adventure is calling again. Her travels would begin with a East to West coast road trip of the United States. Then she spends a summer in Banff, where nature and travelers from all over the world surround her. This experience would soon enlighten her in the direction she must take, between inspirational meetings and experiences, she found insight to begin the next step of her journey.


Caroline wishes to create products that will become part of people's life; a community that embodies a specific mindset and outlook of life both unique and personable. Her desire to live off her passion brings her back to Québec in her newfound work room. Carlo is officially born in Fall 2014.


Carlo is a ready-to-wear brand that offers style and exudes authenticity. Inspired by travels, music and culture, Carlo presents a lifestyle that embraces adventure and creativity. Within her brand, Caroline Liard wishes to share her bohemian, day-dreamer, light-hearted style, influenced by her love for vintage and handmade work. Each product is carefully handcrafted by the designer in her workshop in Québec. Carlo's pieces are known for their uniqueness, comfort and affordable pricing. The free-spirited energy that transpires from Carlo's clothing makes for perfect outfits to music festivals, for travels or simply to add a little fantasy to your everyday life.

Photo by Kelsey Lockington

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